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The Annual Financial Statement

Cannabis business owners in Michigan are required to abide by the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA), which dictates the licensing, regulating, and tracking of medical marijuana. Failure to follow the guidelines of the MMFLA has negative consequences, including business shutdown and further legal action.

One such mandatory stipulation of the MMFLA is Section 701, which requires marijuana licensees to submit annual reports of all financial statements of their operations to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA). Said statements are known in the aggregate as the Annual Financial Statement (AFS). This report can only be compiled by an in-state Michigan-certified public accountant – CPA.

In light of this necessary procedure, it is paramount for your business’ interests that you choose a CPA who is well-versed in cannabis bookkeeping and cannabis regulations. MI Tax CPA is here to assist you with any tax and accounting needs. We proudly provide expert CPAs and quality services for our Michigan community.

Marijuana Licensee Responsibilities

When compiling financial statements for your CPA to review, it is important to disclose whether you have multiple businesses with common ownership. Each business entity is required to have its own Annual Financial Statement. For example, every one of these licenses needs a separate AFS:

  • Provision Centers (Retail)
  • Processors
  • Growers (cultivation)
  • Secure Transporters
  • Safety Compliance Facilities

As the licensee, it is your responsibility to promptly submit your AFS and the adult-use Annual Financial Statement Contact Authorization form to the MRA. A missed deadline leads to possible disciplinary action from the MRA Enforcement Division. MI Tax CPA recommends contacting us as soon as you receive your six-month notice email from the government alerting you of your upcoming AFS requirement.

MI Tax CPA will complete your AFS accurately and on time.

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