Tax Advising and Accounting for Your Cannabis or Medical Marijuana Business

Managing a cannabis company comes with its own set of complications and complexities. Don’t let your accounting be one of them. Allow the cannabis CPAs at MI Tax CPA to handle your accounting. We’ll advise you on the appropriate measures to prepare and file your taxes so that you can focus on growing your business.

Certified Public Accountants

The cannabis industry regulations can be complicated when dealing with funds management and tax filings. Starting a company in this sector can become overwhelming if you don’t understand the financial aspects. But with our cannabis CPAs on your team, that’s one less concern on your plate. Learn more about the various services we offer our clients:

Bookkeeping and Financial Record Keeping

Our bookkeeping and record keeping services all follow GAAP-based accounting compliances. We endeavor to ensure you never miss anything critical. With prompt, fully customized bookkeeping services designed to fit your needs, we take a load off your shoulders. You’ll get monthly financial reports, a dedicated account manager, and more. We also advise on bookkeeping to create your own system. All our team members have certification through QuickBooks Pro Advisor. They join us with extensive experience in the cannabis industry. Together, we can build confidence in your business’s financial and accounting records.

Virtual CFO Services

Are you looking for an in-depth financial strategy for your MMJ business? Get on the right track with MI Tax CPA virtual CFO services. This service connects your cannabis company directly with one of our financial experts. It’s the best way to get a solid grasp on your financial strategy and pave your road to the future. Our virtual CFO services include cost accounting, forecast management, budgeting, and future planning. Whether you need a temporary CFO to get started or a designated account manager, we can help. Our virtual CFO provides a happy medium between an in-house CFO and outsourced expertise.

Attestation and Review Services

When you need an attestation or review report, you can count on our CPAs. We follow all guidelines set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With attestation and review, you can expect a thorough, unbiased report. We’re happy to provide either MMFLA CPA attestation or more general review reporting. We thoroughly document all aspects and records in question and submit a full presentation of our findings. You may also benefit from our monthly review services. These reports focus on Section 208E compliance and standard financial reviews. As an ongoing service, we can help you avoid a more extensive review or audit down the road. Whatever your attestation and review needs, we have you covered.

Accounting System Setup

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you will learn quickly that cannabis accounting is complicated from the start. If you prefer to manage your company accounting, our advisors can consult with you. We’ll help ensure you’re starting on the right foundation. If 280E compliance, asset tracking, and cost of goods sold don’t sound familiar to you, not to worry. The expertise of our cannabis accounting experts will keep your business on the right track. 

Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Tax season comes around at the same time every year. Does it always seem to sneak up on you regardless? Get ahead of the curve with pre-emptive tax preparation and planning services from MI Tax CPA. We’re pleased to offer our clients a full suite of tax preparation services. We provide planning for both individual and corporate income tax filings. We also specialize in MMFLA excise tax, which is specific to cannabis industries, and sales tax for cannabusiness. Many clients also come to us for consulting on IRS Section 208E. With us, you can count on minimizing exposure and complying with all related tax matters. We also can provide your company with guidance on maintaining tax records. Our comprehensive services help you cultivate a compliant portfolio. 

Consulting Services

If you have financial, accounting, or tax-related concerns about your cannabusiness, let’s talk. We’re happy to provide our consulting services. Even if your needs don’t fit into any of the above service offerings, we can help. Some companies may need a more custom, hands-on approach. We’re prepared to help your business build and implement streamlined and robust accounting systems. Work with us to set cost accounting standards and processes. We’ll help you create strong financial internal controls and learn the best financial practices. Further, we also offer formal financial projections and ongoing payroll service management. For new companies, we provide start-up advising. And always, we are available for consulting on industry-specific cannabis issues.

CPAs with Michigan’s Largest MMJ Firm

Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on helping your customers.

Our Certified Public Accountants help medical marijuana companies get their tax documents in order. We’ll help you set up a profitable financial strategy and stay on top of recurring accounting work. Don’t leave your business’ finances to chance. Trust our cannabusiness CPA experts. 

Tax, Accounting, and Compliance Services for Cannabusiness

Staying compliant is a critical aspect of running a successful cannabusiness. At MI Tax CPA, we help you stay on track with all regulations and parameters. We’ll maximize your deductions and keep your company in good standing. When you work with us, you’re in good hands.