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Residents of Troy, Michigan enjoy a high quality of life and a vibrant community of local small business owners. This city is a hub for companies that want to break out from the ground up, and even national chains that want to try a profitable new city. It is a competitive place to own a business, which is why a highly-experienced CPA in Troy, MI is necessary to ensure the best success.

Your taxes & books should be handled by someone who knows the area and the state regulations and rules. accounting and tax services can be a major component of any business or personal financing. It can be a stressful process from start to finish, but it doesn’t have to be with a trusted CPA at your side. For personal and business accounting and tax services, get in touch with us today!

Personal Tax Services

Many individuals think that hiring a professional service is only for business owners and the self-employed. However, this is not true! Individuals can benefit in a major way from trusting tax preparation companies – from managing forms to helping them complete the process. We offer personal tax services that are efficient and cost-effective.

  • Tax Preparation

When someone is a busy professional, time is money. This means hours wasted deciphering complicated forms and researching payment history can correlate to hours of lost money. Our tax preparation service will prep all the forms for you so that you don’t have to lose time and money doing it yourself.

  • Tax Debt Relief

Liens and levies can be a pain to deal with. However, we can ease that burden with the means and the know-how that will help get any account released from these IRS debts.

  • And More

We draw upon years of industry experience to assist just about any person with their accounting, tax preparation, and even IRS audits.

Business Tax Services

Rather than waste precious time and money, and potentially jeopardize the company, businesses should hire an outside specialist. We’ll ensure that all forms are filled out properly.

  • Business Tax Preparation

There are many components of tax returns for an entire company. Regardless of how large or small, or how recently the company was created, these can be a strain on resources. Even worse, someone who doesn’t have familiarity with corporate taxes can jeopardize your company’s good standing.

For companies in Troy, we help businesses to make smart decisions with our tax return preparation services.

  • Business Tax Planning

Businesses must not only consider expenses and profits in the present but also plan for expenses in the future. When you work with us, we help your business to plan for the future with careful estimations and strategic tax planning.

  • Payroll Tax

Payroll accounts vary across individuals, depending on the hours worked, pay grade, benefits, exemptions, and so much more. With so many details—and depending on the company, so many employees—take the hassle off your hands and call us for payroll tax services.

  • And More

Regardless of the size of the company, the number of years in business, the number of employees, and even the type of business, filling out all the forms properly is crucial. Here at MI Tax CPA, we help you keep your books so that your business can continue to thrive.

Business CPA Services

Nothing ensures success and security like a set of clean accounting books. Let us help your business with our accounting services so that you always know your business is in good standing.

  • Bookkeeping

Taxes don’t just affect companies once a year. Keeping track of the day-to-day, ins and outs of a company’s finances can be a difficult task. It’s one that is best left to an outside specialist who has the resources of an entire company at their disposal.

  • SMB Accounting

Larger corporations and chains may have the resources for an entire inhouse accounting department. For small to midsize businesses, this may not be the case. But with us, your small to medium-sized business can have an entire company ready to serve you. Our corporate accounting services will make sure your books are clean and organized.

  • New Business Start Up

When starting a new business, organizing brand new financial records and filing all the right forms can be daunting. Why not trust the professionals to do it fast, simply, and correctly? If you are looking to start a small business, in Troy, contact us today!

  • And More

We offer an abundance of other services, from help with Quickbooks to assistance in navigating the tumultuous seas of tax season. Get in touch today to gain all the benefits of working with a company with professional business tax services.

Personal CPA Services

Don’t seek a loan or attempt to manage your finances on your own. With us, you can have a CPA to manage your financial planning. In the case of an audit, we’ll make sure all your documents are above-board and in order. We’ll help you deal with any situation faster and more efficiently.

  • Audits

Dealing with the IRS takes time and experience. The IRS has an entire system on their side, compared to individuals who only have themselves. This is why so many trust our CPA practice to assist in managing these situations.

  • Financial Planning

Being on top of your personal finances can help with seeking a loan and myriad other situations. Our CPAs can generate financial statements and plan or organize finances for individuals.

  • And More

From dealing with the IRS to simple daily finances, a CPA can mean more efficient use of time and more financial benefits in the long run.

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Each client is different and should be treated as such. Mi Tax CPA employees value client satisfaction above all else. We utilize insider knowledge, industry experience, and years of training to provide hands-on tax help to a wide range of clients.

Dealing with the IRS is a daunting process that no one should have to handle without the help of accountant tax services. Contact us today for the exciting opportunity to partner up to get you the support your company or personal finances deserve.

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