The Maple Theater is a family-owned movie theater in Bloomfield Hills, and one that has been loyally serving members of the community for years. Playing a combination of obscure indie films, world-renowned box office hits, and even the occasional Broadway musical, there is sure to be something for everyone at the Maple Theater. They even recently remodeled and upgraded to better accommodate their patrons. More than just a generic movie theater, they also have a small eatery on site complete with decadent coffees, tantalizing wines, and of course wonderful food.


Special Events


The Maple Theater provides much more than your typical big name, chain movie provider would. The Maple Theater hosts many different special events throughout the year ranging from Oscar’s and Tony’s parties to comedy nights with special guests.


The theater will also occasionally feature different series of films that fit certain themes. For example, in 2018 the Maple Summer Film Series will feature iconic women in films focusing on films that showcase strong female writers, directors, and actresses. One of their choices for this series was Sleepless in Seattle, which features the female director and screenwriter Nora Ephron as well as the immensely talented Meg Ryan in the lead role.


Secret Cinema


A favorite event that occurs regularly at the Maple Theater is Secret Cinema. Secret Cinema is a great way to spice up your movie-going experience. What makes Secret Cinema so secret is that audience members have no idea what movie is going to be played until the lights go down and the title credits start rolling.


There are two different categories of Secret Cinema that are screened at the Maple Theater. The first is Old Hollywood. Old Hollywood Secret Cinema screenings occur every first Thursday of the month, and they have the possibility to be any film produced before 1967. The second category is New Hollywood, which allows any film produced after 1967 to be screened. New Hollywood Secret Cinema screenings occur every third Thursday of the month.


Following every Secret Cinema screening is a question and answer session that provides cultural and historical context, which is curated by the presenter of the film that evening. Film presenters can be anyone from self-proclaimed film aficionados to film industry professionals.


The prices are remarkably reasonable, starting at just six dollars, which makes Secret Cinema a great excursion for people on a budget. Check out their website to see all the films that have been screened in the past as well as what has been requested and voted on to make a guess about what they might screen next!


Customer Reviews


The Maple Theater is a staple for the people of Bloomfield Hills. It has been heralded as a favorite theater by many who exclaim that they will not watch a film anywhere else. It is a very popular date night spot with comfortable seating, great food, and a welcoming atmosphere.


If you are looking to put a new spin on the tried and true night out of going to the movies, then planning your next evening out at the Maple Theater is a great idea that you will not regret.