Located in the southeast corner of Commerce Township, Robert H. Long Nature Park helps visitors to connect with nature. At this park, we like to get up close with the gorgeous wetland habitat. 

The park is located at the corner of W14 Mile Road and the M-5. Many of us in the community come here to find calm – even in the middle of one of the busiest parts of town! This lovely spot has been called an “oasis of life,” and it truly is. This natural wonderland is beloved by everyone in the community. The nature park transports visitors from the busy streets, offering an immersive patch of nature and a brief reprieve from the outside world. 


This park was dedicated in 1995. Commerce Township and the Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) received a private developer donation to allow for the development of the park. It is named for a former Supervisor of the township who was extremely passionate about nature. 

For the past 25 years, it has been providing residents of Commerce Township with a wonderful respite from the rigors of our busy lives. 


One of the best aspects of this park is that it features a wheelchair-accessible trail. This trail allows all visitors to journey around Berry Lake. It also features a beautiful covered bridge that connects the north and south sections of the park. 

Located just off the main road, it is not very hard to find, so we hope you will take the time to stop by and say hello. We encourage everyone to visit. Even those of us who have lived in Commerce Township for years, as well as our friends who are just passing through, enjoy this park.


The place is embedded in the community. Charming neighborhoods surround the park, which offers a spot for relaxation in our oasis hidden in plain sight. 


There’s plenty to do here besides just taking a stroll. The property features a dock designed for fishing as well as space for picnics. Picnic amenities include a pavilion, grills, benches, and tables. Picnics are a great way to spend time soaking up the sun and enjoying the scenery. 

Things to Do 

You can access the M-5 trail in the eastern portion of the park. Birdwatching is also a popular activity. Some species that are common to sight include ducks, geese, and swans. Watch out for the swans, especially because they can be a tad aggressive. 

Some of us simply love to visit to check out the fall foliage. The colorful leaves are gorgeous. Wildflowers complete the breathtaking picture. All these factors make the park a photographer’s paradise! 

Plaques are dispersed throughout the park, explaining the flora and fauna. It’s a nice touch for those of us who love gardening. There are also colorful caterpillars and other fascinating insects. 

We are proud to endorse one of the most popular parks in Oakland County, and we hope you’ll come by and check it out soon!

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