Long’s is a favorite in the Oakland County community. With a family orchard, farm, and cider mill just a short drive from the heart of Detroit, this is where we head when the harvest season comes around. It’s the perfect place to stock up on cider, preserves, and more. We are sure you’ll fall in love with this charming farm and orchard! 

The Offerings 

At the main farm, there are apples, a cider mill, pumpkins, and a corn maze. Asparagus, peas, and corn are just a short drive up the road to the veggie stand on Bogie Lake Road. We love all the fresh produce. 

We also delight in the wide variety of antiques in the shop. They offer tasty treats here as well, including their famous cider doughnuts. Some of our other favorite food items include apple butter and hot or cold apple cider. 

Once we’ve filled up our baskets with an array of delectable vegetables, we like to head on over to their website for some new and exciting recipes to cook up! 

If you are looking for employment, they regularly hire seasonal employees to help with their busy season, so keep your eyes peeled for the application on the website if you are interested. 

Fall Family Fun 

The farm serves as the perfect place to have fun with the whole family. With wagon rides and apple picking, you will get to experience the best of fall while visiting. 

Every year, our families visit the intricate corn maze to see who is up to the challenge. Our kids love the farm area as well. It allows them to get up close and personal with the cuddly creatures that call the property home. To top it all off, there is a play area. Here, kids can let their imagination loose and have a fantastic time. 

For a bit of relaxation, we like to hang out in the picnic area. There are plenty of locations for photo ops and snapping the perfect family photo. Young or old, there is something for everyone at the Long Family Orchard, Farm, and Cider Mill. We find it’s the perfect picturesque fall experience for all families who visit.

Open Dates 

The farm is closed in the winter, so make sure you check it out at the right time of year. While fall is a favorite time to visit, they are also open in the spring and summer months. Different types of produce are in season in different months. We like to head out during harvest time to get the best results. Asparagus will be the first crop up in the spring, so be on the lookout! 


Northwest of Detroit, Michigan, the Long Family Orchard, Farm, and Cider Mill. They are located at 1540 East Commerce Rd. Commerce, MI, 48382. The complex is just a 45-minute drive from the heart of Detroit. While the location may be a tad off the beaten path, we hope that you will still take the time for a visit.

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