This science institute provides an educational yet fun experience to any who visit it, but what all can you do there exactly? With countless exhibits and opportunities to reserve the facility for private events, you may not have expected a museum like this to be located right in the middle of Bloomfield Hills. Here are just a few of the things you can do at the Cranbrook Institute of Science:



  • Take Students on a Field Trip



Educators have been taking their students to have a fun, educational day at the Cranbrook Institute of Science for years, and it has always been a favorite event. Teachers themselves also have plenty of activities they can participate in to be as entertained as their students.



  • Children Can Attend Camps



If your kids are big fans of science, it’s a sure bet that they would love to attend any one of the Cranbrook Institute of Science’s summer camp programs. From inspecting insects to learning about dinosaurs and the universe, these summer camp programs have a lot to offer. Aside from field trips, children can also have their birthday parties here, so don’t be surprised if your kids ask for this after spending a weekend at this museum!



  • Tour the Museum



There is so much happening at this museum that you might not even be able to fit it all into one trip!



  • Exhibits



This science institute has some interesting exhibits that people of all ages can enjoy. These exhibits are constantly changing, so both locals and tourists alike can find something new to learn about. Some of the past exhibits that have been showcased here include opportunities to feel a mastodon’s fur, standing beneath a T-rex, and even touching a meteorite.



  • Cranbrook Observatory



If you’re interested in space, this is the place to be. This observatory features three new telescopes that are fun for people young and old, and the newly constructed dome will ensure that visitors have a unique experience.



  • Acheson Planetarium



This planetarium offers an intimate theater experience that gives visitors a chance to experience the universe and explore it more thoroughly through the use of a state-of-the-art projector. Move through star fields and other exciting images during this fun experience.



  • Erb Family Science Garden



Your whole family can enjoy a trip to this garden that lies within the institute’s courtyard. In this garden, visitors can witness some of the dynamic native plants that Michigan has to offer as well as their lovely season changing displays. The garden incorporates some science by including a display of water in its solid, liquid, and vapor states.



  • Programs



There are all kinds of seasonal programs offered at this facility to celebrate special events and holidays, so young children always have something new to participate in.



  • ExploreLAB



This is one of the newest educational exhibit additions to this institute. ExploreLAB is geared more towards children, offering them hands on activities and exhibits that allow for a whole new level of science exploration.


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