There is no shortage of things to do in Bloomfield, MI, and one of the most visited places is the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research and the Saarinen House inside. This gem of a museum offers a thrilling array of visual exhibits and an insight into the lives of the artists around the campus. But the museum is only the start of the many reasons to visit the center:



  • Many Events are Hosted There



This educational center is home to all sorts of tours, exhibitions, and many other kinds of entertaining events that visitors can attend. Here are just a few of the many events that you can find being held at this facility:



  • Edible Landscapes Dinners



This annual event features a unique dining experience accompanied by a themed tour, both of which are inspired by the rich history of Cranbrook. This event is done in partnership with some of the most popular restaurants in the Detroit area, so it’s no wonder why this dinner is always a hit.



  • Lectures



The Cranbrook Academy of Art hosts a wide variety of lectures, and the specific lecture being given depends on the schedule for that period of time. Some of the riveting lectures that have been given in the past have been on a variety of topics including Japanese gardens, the history of Cranbrook, the history of Frank Lloyd Wright, architectural legacies, and many more.



  • Concerts



If classical music is passion, then you will thoroughly enjoy attending any concert being held at the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research.



  • You Can Discover Many Exciting Things



This museum gives you the opportunity to delve into the history of Cranbrook and discover it more in depth than you ever have before. The town has all kinds of industries, from science and education to art and cultural programs. Cranbrook is a unique area with businesses large and small, so it is interesting to learn about its roots and how it came about.


Some of the fascinating items you can discover in this museum include:

  • Stories of the founders and important figures of Cranbrook
  • Notable landscape features in this National Historic Landmark
  • The rich history involving the evolution of the town from a country estate to a widely recognized educational center
  • Recent cultural and artistic developments within the community
  • A year by year account of events in the town



  • You Can View the Historical Art of the Saarinen House



The Saarinen House is a work of art that lies in the center of the architectural treasures of Cranbrook. This Art Deco masterwork by Eliel Saarinen is located in the Cranbrook Academy of Art and attracts many eager viewers because for years it was the studio and the home of Eliel Saarinen. The first architect of Cranbrook designed this house to have an extraordinary interior that is thrilling to look at, and it has been restored to allow for enhanced touring experiences for visitors.