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Helping Commerce Township With Tax Preparation

Here’s the thing — taxes are hard. We all have to do them, whether you’re a business owner or an employee. Life is tricky as it is, so why not make one thing easier for yourself? 

MI Tax CPA preparation services will make your life simpler by taking one more stressor off your hands.

We know taxes, and we know how difficult they can be. Our tax preparation takes the pressure off you, provides you with the best possible outcome, and saves you from endless hours of digging through your finances.

Let us take the uncertainty and stress out of preparing your returns. We offer both personal and business filings. You won’t have to touch anything or worry if your taxes were done correctly. 

We’ll organize your yearly financials, file your return electronically for a fast turnaround, and follow both Michigan and federal policies when filing. 

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Individual Preparation

Tax prep is all-consuming. This is especially true for larger households or estates falling in a larger income or wealth bracket. 

We know there’s a lot that goes into preparing financial records every year. Our experienced team can help prepare individual returns for family sizes ranging from single and beyond. 

What do we cover in our individual tax preparation?

Comprehensive Financial Help

We’ll guide you to gather all the documents and receipts you need whether you’re filing as employed, self-employed, or other.

Single or Joint Filings

Every household is unique in how they could best file their taxes. We will take the time to learn your individual situation and instruct on the best course to take.

Wealth Distribution

How you and your household manage your wealth may be more complex than others. Our team will learn more about your portfolio and how best to reflect your wealth distribution to the IRS.

Asset Management

From property to cryptocurrency, your asset index may be minimal or massive. We know how to showcase your assets to the IRS in the most efficient ways. 

Available Tax-Break Incentives

Student debt? Children? Retirement accounts? The list is long for what incentives you may be eligible for. Our expert team can narrow down and optimize your list of available breaks. 

Get Advice According to Your Household

Business Preparation

Business owners encounter even more headaches when it comes to filing for a simple reason – they have to file both their personal taxes and their business’s taxes.

What are some other reasons business tax prep and filing can be difficult?

  • More income, spending, and expenses
  • Different regulations versus individual filing 
  • Deductions
  • Employee responsibilities
  • And more.

We work with both small and large businesses managing their financial portfolio year-round. With us, we can handle all your company’s fiscal responsibilities and make certain you and the business complies with state and federal laws.

What do we cover in our business tax preparation?

Payroll Management and Support

Business owners are responsible for managing their employee’s payroll and associated fees. This can quickly become complicated as your business scales, but we can help keep everything on track with all payroll filings. 

Deduction Tracking

What you can write-off for your business is different when compared to your individual returns. We capitalize on as many deductions available to your business as possible.

Invoice & Receipt Organization

Paper trails are often long and complex. We will help you organize and record all your invoices and receipts throughout the year to ensure proper bookkeeping practices

IRS Audit Support

Every company dreads an audit. But we’ve travelled that road before. We’ll help you be prepared for both if or when an audit occurs on your business. 

Unfiled Returns

Not previously filed? Let us help you navigate the murky rules around filing back taxes so you can dodge serious penalties and fines.

Gain Expert CPA Help For Your Business

MI Tax CPA – Year-Round Support 

We offer tax preparation services and advice throughout the year, not just during the tax season. 

Your business and trust are valued, and we’re accountants that want to be held accountable. 

What can you expect from us?

  • Transparent Fees – Clear costs always, whether it’s for one-time or yearly use
  • Experienced Advice – Real-life guidance from tax experts 
  • Qualified Professionals – Vetted and registered CPAs
  • Diverse Filing – Strategy-driven filing 

Use MI Tax CPA for Your Individual & Business Tax Prep

Business or personal taxes, we’ve got you covered.

Our tax preparation services are everything you need to get your taxes done without breaking a sweat. 

Make the most out of your time and money. Rely on us to prepare and handle your financials year-round.

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