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As frustrating as personal tax returns can be to manage, business taxes are another matter altogether.

Not only are the laws more complicated, but the stakes are much higher. And the fact that you’re already plenty busy with running your business doesn’t make matters much better.

Why not simplify the process?

As any business owner knows, delegation is a big key to success, particularly when it comes to things – like taxes – that require professional expertise. It’s not as if you can simply read a few articles and books and have it all figured out.

At Mi Tax CPA, we offer a full range of tax services to business in Bloomfield, including tax prep and planning, IRS representation, unfiled tax returns, and payroll tax. Our view is that taxes shouldn’t just be something to handle once a year and mark off the list, but an integral part of your business’ financial planning.

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If you’d like to speak with us about your business’ tax situation, get in touch with us. We love working with the Bloomfield community and we’d be thrilled to help you and your business in whatever way we can.

The Tax Services We Offer Businesses in Bloomfield

Business Tax Preparation

Depending on how your business is set up – whether it’s an S-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship, or other type – there are specific rules that apply to how you go about your tax returns. Understanding the intricate laws that govern each type of business is integral to maximizing your returns (and therefore minimizing your business taxes). Regardless of how your business is registered and organized, we’re more than capable of handling your federal, state, and local returns.

Tax Consulting & Planning

Filing returns properly is really just the tip of the iceberg for the whole of how businesses should manage their taxes. It takes a comprehensive plan that takes each detail of the tax code into consideration to keep your tax liability as low as possible. In fact, there are far too few businesses who take advantage of the options available to them, which ultimately can hurt the overall financial health of their businesses.

IRS Representation

When your business is facing a tax audit from the IRS, the number one concern is that your business comes out on the other side financially safe. If you’ve been filing your business taxes improperly – even if you weren’t aware of it – the penalties can be high, and it’s a nerve-wracking time. Of course, during an audit life must go on, and it’s important that you stay active and engaged with your business even through the uncertainty and headache. That’s why professional help is essential during an audit. We ensure that you achieve the best results possible, minimizing your tax liabilities, and that you don’t have to deal with the IRS yourself. We handle all communication with the IRS and know exactly what they can and cannot do during the process.

Unfiled Tax Returns

While the temptation is always great, not filing tax returns is simply not worth it. If your business has accumulated one or more unfiled tax returns, you know the serious, difficult burden this places on you. If you get audited, chances are you will face steep penalties, which can include levies and property seizures. The good news is that, if you voluntarily file unfiled returns before the IRS becomes aware of it, you can typically avoid serious penalties. Nevertheless, the rules and options surrounding this matter are complicated and require some serious expertise to be handled well.

Payroll Taxes

Proper tax filing is a big part of proper payroll management and not something that you should overlook. From ensuring that you’re withholding the right amounts, hitting your deadlines, and generating reports and records, it’s no small task. We’re here to ensure that your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed, putting you in an optimal situation while also maintaining full compliance.

Relieve Your Tax Management Burden & Focus on What You Do Best

Business owners know that they need help with a variety of matters to ensure the success of their business, but it’s also a bit of a catch-22. If you don’t find the right partners to work with, you can end up in a worse spot than if you tried to manage it yourself.

That’s why, when you work with us, we believe that, while the most important thing for you is the expert handling of your business’ taxes, it’s also vital that you feel confident and comfortable working with us. We operate with full transparency and will keep you in the loop on everything that’s going on with your taxes, making sure you understand what we’re doing and allowing you to have clarity surrounding key business decisions.

We understand the burden that comes with business taxes, and it’s our goal to allow businesses in Bloomfield to focus on running their companies without these distractions.

If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch today for a free consultation.

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